Insystech DLP
Using with UI Path
Use the Insystech DLP Activities package to include redaction into your robotic process automation (RPA) projects!

Before you begin

To use the Insystech service you will need to subscribe to the Insystech DLP service. If you have not yet subscribed please do that first and sign up here.
Check your Inbox for your subscription receipt, it will contain two important pieces of information that you'll need: APIKey and secret

Insystech DLP Activities for UI Path

Insystech DLP Activities extends UiPath workflows to automate the de-identification of content by masking personal and confidential information found in documents like Invoices, POs, Contracts, HR Forms, and more.
UiPath is one of the leading Robotic Process Automation technologies that streamlines processes, uncovers efficiencies and provides insights, making the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective. (For more information please visit

Redacting Confidential Information from a Scanned Purchase Order

This section shows you how to redact confidential information from a Scanned Purchase Order using the Redact PII Custom Activity.
  1. 1.
    The first step is to install the Insystech DLP Activities package using the UI Path Studio Package Manager
  2. 2.
    Once the package is installed, edit your project and add the new Redact PII activity to your workflow.
  3. 3.
    To configure the activity, open the properties and modify the inputs: FilePath: The full path to the scanned purchase order document (eg. sample-po.pdf) ResultPath: The full path where you want the result saved (eg. sample-po-redacted.pdf)
    The activity inputs also require the APIKey and secret that you received when subscribing to the Insystech DLP Service.
  4. 4.
    The activity is designed to synchronously do the redaction and once complete return a Status; If there are errors, the Status message will contain additional information.
  5. 5.
    Run the activity to redact your purchase order and see the result PDF. The redacted content will be blacked out !!
Congratulations! You're UI Path Robot has reacted it's first file with Insystech DLP!
For more information about RPA integration and additional use cases please see Insystech DLP for UI Path.