Insystech DLP
Audio Transcription
Audio files are transcribed and redacted with Insystech DLP
Currently available in private beta. To request an invite please contact [email protected]
Insystech DLP's automatic content redaction feature automatically redacts sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) from audio files. Audio files are transcribed into PDF Documents with each identified instance of PII redacted in the transcript.
Automatic content redaction enables you to easily review and share transcripts to improve the customer service experience, coach agents, and discover new business opportunities while protecting sensitive personal information.
Personally Identifiable Information includes:
PII Entity
Bank Account Number
A number that uniquely identifies a bank account.
Bank Routing Number
A number that identifies the location of a bank account.
Credit Card Number or Debit Card Number
A value that uniquely defines a payment card issued by a bank.
Credit Card or Debit Card CVV Code
A 3 digit or 4 digit security code on each credit card.
Credit Card or Debit Card Expiration Date
The month and year a card expires.
Debit Card PIN or Credit Card PIN
A security code issued by a bank or credit union. This number is used for bank accounts and payment cards.
Email address
The unique identifier of an email box where messages are delivered.
US Mailing address
The U.S. mailing address of an individual.
The first name and last name of a person.
US phone number
A 10-digit phone number within the United States.
Social Security Number
A 9 digit number or the last 4 digits of that number. Issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents with employment.
For a complete list detectors please see Available Detectors
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