Insystech Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Redact sensitive data from Office Documents, Images and More...


Insystech DLP provides access to a powerful sensitive data inspection, classification, and redaction service.

  • Over 120 built-in detectors that detect and de-identify sensitive information

  • The ability to define custom detectors using context, dictionaries and regular expressions

  • Automatic de-identification of sensitive data within office documents, images and transcribed audio files‚Äč

The Insystech DLP service requires a subscription. If you have not yet subscribed please do that first and sign up here (Free Tier Available).

Monthly Subscription Plans

The services available to you may be limited depending on your subscription plan. Each plan sets a limit to the pages and transcriptions that may be redacted for your monthly billing period.








Transcription **

30 min

10 hrs

100 hrs

** Audio Files transcription and redaction are currently available in private beta only. To request an invite please contact [email protected]

The maximum size of any individual redaction request is 10Mb.